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Fundamentals Of Industrial Safety And Health By Dr Ku Mistry addahear




The Foundation of Industrial Safety and Health, Dr K.U. Mistry is a reputed Safety Expert and Expert on Industrial Safety and Health from Gujarat India. “The Foundation of Industrial Safety and Health Dr. K.U. Mistry” discusses safety of the factory and the methods by which the hazards can be minimized. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure safety of the factory and the workers. The book discusses such topics as how to ensure safety at the work place, how the risks are to be analyzed, how to handle hazardous substances, how to plan for incidents, how to handle emergency situations, how to use safety equipments, how to assess the hazard and how to ensure safety. The book gives an insight into the work place, hazards, regulations, laws and safety standards and how they should be followed. It also emphasizes the importance of leadership in the workplace. Dr K. U. Mistry has a rich experience in the field of industrial safety. He is a professor and director of Department of Industrial Safety and Health, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad. This book is written by Dr K. U. Mistry and published by Pargat Publications, Ahmedabad. The book is structured with 10 chapters, with the first chapter being the introduction. Chapter 2 discusses the risks, Chapter 3 discusses the hazards. Chapter 4 discusses the management of hazards, Chapter 5 discusses the safety of the workplace, Chapter 6 discusses work organization and human resource management, Chapter 7 discusses about planning, Chapter 8 discusses emergency planning and handling, Chapter 9 discusses safety management system, Chapter 10 discusses the importance of leadership. References Category:Industrial safety Category:Workplace safetyWhy I hate commercials A brief word on commercials: I am not a big fan of them. They are an inconvenience, they are obnoxious, and they are distracting. Why? I am busy and I don’t need the text-over-animation, or the asshat toting a commercial in the middle of my favorite show. It is common for television shows and movies to have a little voice in the corner or at the bottom of the screen, telling you to “Buy more of this!” or “Subscribe!” or “Buy now!”. Well, I, like many other viewers, have grown weary of these pesky interruptions. However




Fundamentals Of Industrial Safety And Health By Dr Ku Mistry addahear
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