Cookies have been good to us!

Cookies have been good to us. After 3 years baking, decorating, adjusting, tweaking, learning, not sleeping, and learning how to work together, Zach and I are finally in a groove. This summer we are skipping summer school and spending time with each other and our girls. This is what dreams are made of, right?

About 6 months ago, we were finally in a good enough place to feel comfortable with saying goodbye to my last PRN gig as a speech language pathologist. Zach also waved a slow goodbye to his wrestling and track practice days. We have enjoyed a few more hours a week to eat dinner together, work on things around the house, and play Uno with the girls.

We now have a work schedule for the bakery each week that doesn't cut into our daylight time near as much. We know what we can handle and what we can't (usually). I review orders and create a baking list for Zach each Sunday and he bakes on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I take Mondays off and decorate Tuesday through Friday. All custom order pickups are scheduled on Friday evenings, which leaves our weekends for family and rest unless I'm teaching a class or holding a pop-up sale.

If you are just starting out or feel like you are swimming in the deep end without a floatie, don't give up. We've been there. We were there more than once. Take a step back and slow down. Decide what it is that you love and do more of that.

Zach, Charlie, Georgie, and I are so grateful for the opportunities these sweet little biscuits have offered. My girls refer to my husband as the baker and to me as the cookie artist these days. They are proud of us and their jobs of helping package and approve each order. We have met so many wonderful people. Thank you all for the support, freedom, and love.

Time together is the greatest gift.

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