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Beautifully Delicious bakery started as a reason to play with recipes, edible art, and have fun creating for family and work events.  The name was one I had doodled for years, in the same way I doodled my married name and my childrens’ names.  I enjoyed throwing elaborately themed birthday parties for my daughters but really only focused on cakes at the time.  As my oldest decided she didn’t like cake anymore, I began to search for other options.  I was drawn to the intricacy and endless possibilities of sugar cookies.  In luck, she loved them! The first birthday party and many more hundreds of the first cookies tasted much better than they looked.  I am self-taught and continue to learn much by error, but no one ever turned a cookie down, as ugly as some of them were.  As I continuously remind my girls, practice makes better, and oh, how far I have come.  

In the beginning, I manned every aspect of the bakery by myself.  I gave and sold to friends and family who encouraged me with love and support.  In January of 2017, my sister decided I needed a logo and so Beautifully Delicious was born.  Starting in March of 2018, my husband, Zach, started baking everything.  He has greatly improved our recipe and the efficiency of our operation.  I could not have grown the Beautifully Delicious bakery without him. He bakes in our kitchen and I decorate in my studio in our basement.  His workspace is much more organized than mine.  Much of our work is done after our daughters go to sleep.  We are both special educators and work full time in local school districts. 

My grandmother was an artist, and in college, I started out at an art major but dreaded the idea of having to work for someone else.  I eventually graduated with my master’s degree as a speech-language pathologist and have worked in a variety of settings for the last 10 years.  Although I love my career, I have been able to express myself creatively through my cookies.  I enjoy adding my own bit of creativity and spark to custom orders and am honored to have the opportunity to completely design cookie sets for clients. Cookies fuel my soul in a way that I didn’t know I needed. 

Recently, we have expanded our crew to include our daughters, Charlie, 8, and Georgie, 5, as our packaging specialists.  We are a real family business and so grateful for the opportunity our family has been given. This small business is a big part of our life and a life we love and are proud of.

I use a cream cheese cookie glaze on my cookies, which are a butter cookie base. I love being challenged and will try just about anything. 

Because I bake part-time, I ask for a minimum of two weeks' notice for all orders.

Please contact me with your Beautifully Delicious needs.

I am excited to bake for you!



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